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Sorry I have not updated this page for sometime, it has been a while since I was at a pub quiz, indeed I am yet to find a decent one since I moved down to Cambridge, I will keep this page here for the time being, I suspect I will be visiting Edinburgh on a Sunday in the future.

Since it seems that sofar nearly all I ever talk about in my news section is the result of any quizzes that I have taken part in, (perhaps this is because it is just about all I ever do for fun), I have decided to present a table here, for anyone that maybe interested, or not.

Date Team Name Score Win? Margin Prize
01 May 2005Pirate Ninja Death Monkeys PLC138We Won7Stella Artois
04 January 2005Wer Are Playing Away136We Lost-3
19 September 2004The Odds against it reaching earth are 99-1133We Lost-24
12 September 2004Andy's Last Quiz140We Lost-13
11 July 2004It's Dark In The Corner... Turn Up The Lights123We Lost-11
27 June 2004Carlsberg Don't Do Disallowable Goals103We Lost-20
20 June 2004Twats At The Back151We Won0Stella Artois
06 June 2004< 3146We Lost-15
30 May 2004It's Just Like Watching Brazil134We Won4Pilsner Urquell
23 May 2004Fizzy Orange Pineapple Soup146We Won2Budvar
16 May 2004A Slight Twinge In The Nether Regions145We Won0Pilsner Urquell
09 May 2004Peter O'Hanra'Hanrahan138We Lost-10
02 May 2004You Lot Are All Ten Pints Down126We Won9Miller
25 April 2004Don't Eat Yellow Snow133We Lost-11
18 April 2004My father was a nun132We Lost-12
11 April 2004We Love This Monkey146We Won4Budvar
04 April 2004Happy Birthday Terri117We Lost-9
28 March 2004Anyone's for a bottle of brandy138We Lost-2
21 March 2004I'm A Teapot132We Lost-4

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