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Hello.  At last you have discovered my homepage!

Welcome to the second incarnation of my website (Project Mongoose). This site started as an exercise to teach myself HTML and grew somewhat larger than I first intended so I published my rather pathetic efforts for all to see. 

Please feel free to take a look around to discover a bit more about me, what I am up to, some of my interests and even some general silliness.  Use the links above to navigate or if you wish you can go to my site map, where you will find links to all of my pages.

Before you go, your word of the moment is:   bouzouki.   Watch out it may change soon.


Recent Updates:
22 April 2005 - Taxonomy Updated
15 April 2005 - New Pictures Database Added
03 March 2005 - Words Added (see above for your word of the moment)
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