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A Pecan Nut Its a pecan nut. Don't you know?  I don't think that it has anything to do with my audio collection but it might.  Pecan pie is very nice though.

You have reached the part of my site where you can find out what CDs and DVDs I own.  In this section you will also find some noises which are interesting or something like that.

I have quite a number of CDs, including some mainstream music and a group of what some would class as perhaps unusual or otherwise just strange.  I own somewhat smaller group of DVDs.  However both collections seem to keep expanding, which, in my view, can only be a good thing.

For those who are interested, I maintain a wishlist on Just in case you want to buy me something, please note that I often find that amazon is not the always the cheapest outlet on the web.

Anyway if anyone I know wishes to borrow anything then just ask.  If I don't know you or even if I do, does this really interest you?  If so, why?  Let me know send me an email.

Please do not read this sentence, if you have read this far please unread back to the beginning.

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