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Andy Indeed

Andy drinking bru
This will be me, sorry!

I apologise for the aberration on the left, however, I will admit that it is me, drinking the fine tonic that is Irn-Bru.  I seem to recall that I needed it that morning too. Another somewhat smaller indeed younger and most would say better looking picture of me can be seen here.

Anyway here you are reading this.  So I had better make it interesting or at least not totally boring (although I apologise if I fail, however it is quite likely just the same).  So who am I?  I am Andrew David Smith, born Tuesday the 23rd of December 1980, Edinburgh, Scotland. A fine place indeed, the home of many good things including whisky and irn-bru, it is quite possible that you may detect a theme here, although I am not sure why.

I am a graduate in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh.  Currently I am not employed in an engineering capacity, hopefully that will change in the near future.  Although if you need an engineer of my calibre, then get in touch and I will send you my full CV (my email address at the bottom of this and every other page).  I have interests in Software Engineering, my strengths definitely lie in C and C++, but I like to think that I could teach myself any programming language given a few hours and access to the internet. 

My honours project consisted of the software design of a computer vision / image processing system and my dissertation was on wired broadband local loop technologies.  I would go into details but since I doubt many people will stumble across this site it is perhaps slightly unnecessary. Although if you are interested then you can >email me for more details and any job offers.

Essentially I am a bit of a geek, but isn't it good to have someone friendly to fix your computer for you, I will even work for reasonable rates, a pint of Guinness and a nip of a suitable single malt being my usual fee for friends.

I enjoy playing the hooter (trumpet), I used to play with the Edinburgh Concert Band and the University Wind Band.

I am lucky enough to have a fine lassie, Nicola.  This is her here:

Nicola Nicola Nicola

Hopefully she will not mind too much me putting up three pictures of her, one of them is published elsewhere, so perhaps it might be counted as only two, that and she is much better to look at than me.  Well that's what I say anyway.

I have recently moved down to Cambridge, where I am now living with Nicola, it is a change from Edinburgh, being mostly flat, indeed it even makes cycling a prospect for someone of my size.  Not that I have yet attempted any such extravagant things.

Nicola is currently working on her zoology PhD. It is something to do with birds, genes, plumage colours and sexual selection, its all very clever and that. She has even managed to get her name on a paper published in Science, her first:

"Conserved Genetic Basis of a Quantitative Plumage Trait Involved in Mate Choice"; Mundy, N.I.; Badcock, N.S.; Hart, T.; Scribner, K.; Janssen, K.; Nadeau, N.J.; Science; 19 March 2004; 303: 1870-1873.

Although I think I vaguely understand, perhaps, I am not sure that I would like to do a test on it though. Certainly it has nothing to do with bytes and bauds, so I think I might be better placed sticking to my own subject.

Indeed, well I don't think that there is anything else much to say about me. So I will finish here.



Do you know that, 2 does not equal 3, even for very large values of 2.

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